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4 Reasons Why You Should Get New Roofing

The roof is a part of any construction that is exposed to the elements — sun, rain, lightning, storms, and all possible weather conditions that you can think of. Sometimes, the roofing needs to be replaced on an urgent basis. Besides this, there are cases where the damage does not present itself unless it has worsened. Sometimes, new roofing is installed to increase the value of a property. Sometimes, all that your roofing needs is a repair job. Sometimes, the damage is beyond repair.

Getting new roofing is a big decision. Roofing companies provide professional services for roofing repair and replacement but it is a major investment. Below are the reasons why you should bring yourself to make this investment.

1. Damage from Storms

Storms affect roofing in many ways. Wind storms can cause the shingling to tear away, leaving behind patches that are bare and need to be re-roofed. Strong winds can bring with them heavy debris that comes crashing on the roofing and damage it severely. Heavy hails can result in cracks in the sheath that underlies the roofing. Hails can also puncture shingles, damage the vents, and shatter skylights. Storms cause damage to the basic structure of the roof. This kind of damage should not be overlooked. At times, the surface of the roof may appear all right but the bones of the roofing may become weak.

You should make sure to get a roof inspection after every storm to get repairs on time. If you haven’t been doing that, it is probably time for you to get new roofing.

2. Aging of Roof

A well-maintained asphalt shingling roof can last for up to 25 years. However, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters can shorten the lifespan of a roof. The signs that your roofing has reached the end of its lifespan are:

  • Shingling is broken, missing or has tears
  • Shingles are curled or cupped on the edges
  • Thick moss or mold has covered large areas of the roof
  • Numerous leaks on the roof
  • The sheathing is soft and rotten

If your roof shows any of these signs, you should get new roofing right away.

3. Value of Home

By simply getting new roofing, you can greatly increase the value of your home. The appearance of a house with new roofing gets transformed. New roofing can upgrade, brighten, and renew the house and increase its market value.  It attracts a greater number of prospective buyers because new homeowners will not need to spend any money on repairing or replacing the roof.

4. Remodeling

If you are planning to remodel your home, getting new roofing is the first thing you should do. Remodeling the interior is one thing, but getting new roofing as a part of remodeling can make your house look brand new!


New roofing comes with many benefits, including improved safety, increased property value, and a better-looking house.

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