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Layton Roofers have been the premium provider for roofing solutions across Layton, Salt Lake City, Davis County and Logan, Utah for the past 20 years.

When it comes to providing attractive, high-quality roofing solutions that fit the needs of a range of customer, we’re the go-to choice.

With a long list of satisfied residential and commercial clients, and an extensive network of contacts within the roofing industry, Layton Roofers is the go-to choice for any roofing installation or repair across Utah.

Our Services

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Roof Inspections

If you need your roof inspected due to damages or roof leaks be sure to give us a call. We can provide a detailed report with or without pictures and then provide you an estimate on the total cost of repairs.

If you're purchasing a new home and need a roof inspection we also specialize in making sure all roofing damages or problems are found before you close on the home. Make sure this done always to ensure the seller can address the issues.

New Roofing

Whether you want to focus on affordability, durability or aesthetics; our expert technicians can survey your property and provide a variety of new roofing solution.

From the streamlined design and natural strength offered by metal roofing, to the cost-effectiveness and versatility of asphalt, all the way to the unmatched aesthetic appeal of tile roofing. Our high-quality new roofing solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Staying on top of regular roof repairs and maintenance isn’t easy. After all, replacing missing shingles; and inspecting your rood for leaks and other forms of damage is time-consuming and dangerous.

You need a trusted partner to carry out those regular check-ups and roof repairs.

At Layton Roofers, we’ve been carrying out routine roof servicing for homes across Utah for several years. Our certified technicians are well-equipped to carry out thorough inspections; and spot structural damage, that can cost you a lot more money down the line.

Roofing Materials We Work With

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Asphalt Roofing

Shingles are the most popular roofing solution for homes all across America. Not only are they extremely affordable, they’re versatile and surprisingly durable too. If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective roof; this is the choice for you.

Tile Roofing

Concrete and clay tiles are the favored choice for homeowners looking for roofing solutions that last. With our high quality tile installations, you won’t have to worry about your roof for up to a hundred years. That’s an investment you can rely on!

Metal Roofing

Contemporary design is all about blending form with functionality; and metal roofing provides plenty of both. Whether you’re looking for reliable, sturdy steel or aluminum roofing; or beautiful best-in-class copper and zinc roofing, we’ve got solutions for you.

Why Layton Roofers are the Right Choice for Your Home


You want the guarantee of service that comes from a locally based roofing company. Layton Roofers has been established within the community for 20 years, and has a proven reputation of providing: great workmanship, top of the line materials, excellent repairs and maintenance services; all combined with high degree of professionalism and care.


Our licensed roofing technicians put customers first, every time. That means no matter what your concerns are; or what kind of roofing work you need; we make it our duty to provide solutions you can be happy with, and if you’re not? We’re just a phone call away.


When those blazing Utah summers or snowy winters hit, you want to know your roof is up to task; because you don’t want to be scrambling around for a roofing company with your back against the wall.


Don’t trust roofing to part-timers or handymen. It’s dangerous, complicated, and requires specialty tools.


At Layton Roofers we have all the know-how and expertise necessary to make your roofing installation, or repair; quick, easy and cost-effective.

Roofing Company in Layton, Utah

Partnering with the right roofing company is essential if you want to take good care of your home. Having a roof over your head doesn't just protect you and your family, but also helps to keep your home in good condition too.

Many things can damage your roof, including high winds, rain and snow, animals, falling debris from trees, and other factors.

Layton Roofers is here for you as the roofing company that you can rely on. Our comprehensive roofing services allow us to be there for our clients, looking after your home by providing maintenance and repair services.

Why Choose Layton Roofers?

If you're looking for a trustworthy roofing company in Layton, Utah, look no further than Layton Roofers. We have over two decades of experience caring for homeowners' roofs and we're a well-established and trusted company in the area.

Our certified roofing contractors carry out all jobs with the utmost of professionalism and high standards of customer care. We always use the best available materials and deliver top quality results, ensuring both function and looks when we complete a repair. We will inspect your roof to detect any problems, and swiftly resolve any issues.

Roofing Services

Our roofing services include repair and maintenance, as well as new roof installation. Our roof inspections are excellent for helping you carry out routine roof care and maintenance.

Check up on your roof a couple of times a year, or whenever you feel that there might be any damage. We'll take a good look at your roof, and help you make any repairs if we spot any problems. If there's a leak in your roof, we'll get it fixed as soon as possible so it doesn't cause any further damage to your home.

Our new roofing services are also here to help you if you need a roof replacement. If you're constantly having to repair your roof or you want to improve the insulation of your home, a new roof can make a huge difference.

Look After Your Roof

It's important to practice good roof care if you want to keep your home looking great, and ensure it can protect your family. Problems with your roof can lead to structural damage, causes leaks and drips and lead to drafts in your home too.

A regular roof inspection is an important part of looking after your roof. You should have your roof inspected at least once a year, if not more often. It will allow you to prevent any problems from developing into anything bigger and causing wider issues for your home. We help you with all of your roof care needs so that you don't have to worry about it.

Choose Layton Roofers As Your Roofing Company in Layton, Utah

Contact us at Layton Roofers to arrange your roofing services. Whether you need an inspection, repair or a new roof, we will answer your requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to meet all of your roofing needs in Layton and beyond

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