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Just How Important is Regular Roofing Repair & Maintenance?

The roof over your head put in a lot of work you might not be aware of. As the seasons change and the weather goes from hot to cool to freezing cold, the materials in your roof are constantly expanding and contracting.

Left unchecked, this constant wear and tear can lead to cracks and damaged shingles developing across your roof. If you’re living in areas of Utah, like Salt Lake City, then you can add high winds into the mix. That means many of these damaged portions of your roof can fly off, under the extreme pressure.

The danger of water damage from, rain and snowfall simply increases the possibility of extensive roofing damage. As moisture, mildew, and rot can start to take hold on your dry wall and ceilings.

If these hazards start to eat through your roofing material then you could see pests, rodents and other nasty intruders finding their way into your home.

But the most important thing to avoid is leaks.

You Don’t Want a Leaky Roof

  • Initially you’ll see damage to your attics and ceilings, as paint cracks and plaster bubbles.
  • Eventually top mounted lights and ceiling fans will be affected
  • Mold may start to develop and quickly infect the interior of your home, including carpets, furniture and even clothing. That’s a serious health concern for you, and your loved ones.
  • Once moisture starts to affect your electrical wiring the fire hazard increases significantly
  • Water pooling on the floor and furniture can also damage your possessions, and may cause unintended slips and falls
  • As rafters, joists and walls fall victim to water damage the entire structure of your home can become compromised.

Professional Roof Repair and Maintenance from Layton Roofers in Utah; Can save You the Worry and Expense

Staying on top of regular roof repairs and maintenance isn’t easy. After all, replacing missing shingles; and inspecting your rood for leaks and other forms of damage is time-consuming and dangerous.

You need a trusted partner to carry out those regular check-ups and roof repairs.

At Layton Roofers, we’ve been carrying out routine roof servicing for homes across Utah for several years. Our certified technicians are well-equipped to carry out thorough inspections; and spot structural damage, that can cost you a lot more money down the line.

Our Roof Repair Services Include:

A Complete Roof Inspection

  • We’ll examine your roof interior for proper insulation, ventilation and any accumulated moisture or mold.
  • We’ll evaluate the exterior of your roofing system for: leaks, ice deposits, cracked or curling shingles, chimney damage and adequate flashing (material used to galvanize roof joints and prevent leaking)

A Repair Plan

  • We’ll formulate a detailed repair plan with estimates for any materials and parts required. Our expert roof repair technicians will also offer their recommendations on the most critical repairs for your roof.

So you can make the best decision, about the course of action you want our technicians to take.

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