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Ways to Reduce Damage to the Roof During Monsoon Seasons

Whether the roof you have now is older than you or it’s just newly installed, the roof can still be at risk for damage during bad weather months. Adverse conditions such as strong winds, cyclones, hail, and heavy rains can all damage the roof. There are some ways the commercial and residential property owners can reduce damage to the roof during monsoon seasons.

If you don’t manage to do these things, it may actually result in damage to the structure of the entire building in a major way. These steps can help to reduce the damage until you can get a professional in roof repair to fix the roof.

6 Steps to Reduce Damage to the Roof During Monsoon Seasons

  1. Make sure to wait for a little better weather before you go up to the roof to inspect the scene. Let the strong winds and lightning pass before checking what damage has come to the roof. There should also be plenty of light.
  2. Make sure to inspect every corner of the roof internally and externally. There are some repairs, preventive measures, and steps that you can take to reduce the damage. We do not recommend trying out any long-term repairs since a professional will be able to do that better. The inspection is necessary, though.
  3. One important step to take is to note down any roof leaks. If the water seeps into the building, it can cause a lot of damage to the structure and interior. So, check the roof from your attic or the highest floor to gauge any leaks. Try and locate the source for any leaks. This is definitely tricky, but it is much-needed too.
  4. Any puddles or stagnant water needs to be cleared at once. It can seep through the material of the roof and damage it.
  5. If you are able to plug the leak in the roofs, you should definitely try. While it won’t be as good a job as a professional can do, you plug it up using patches, rubber sheets, sealants, tarps, or the handy-dandy duct tape. It is a short-term solution that will get you through the rains.

We do not recommend that any commercial or residential owner go up to the roof while it is raining. It can be quite dangerous for you. Once the weather is still calmer, you should follow the steps we have outlined. After the rains stop, you can contact Layton Roofers to do professional repairs to the roof. They can also guide you on some high-quality preventive measures to reduce the risk of damage the next time the monsoon season comes around.

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