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How to Spot Roof Damage Before it’s Too Late?

The safety of your home is as good as the sturdiness of your roof. It might seem a rather far-fetched idea to you, but we have very valid supporting arguments in our defense. If your roof is damaged significantly, you’ll be at risk of unnecessary exposure to natural elements such as rain and snow. Moreover, an unhealthy roof can collapse and wreak devastation. If that’s not enough concern for you, then let us tell you that a damaged roof can be easily surpassed. Burglars and thieves love to break into homes through broken ceilings and jump into the attic before furthering into a property.


Beside all these threats, a roof that has been worn out can cause severe strain on your pocket. If a roof develops issues and those aren’t caught in time, they can turn into much more severe complications that will cost quite a bit to repair. All these unsettling scenarios can be avoided if only a homeowner chooses to check the roof of their property for any underlying damage.


Minor roof damage can be fixed without much trouble if caught early. And you don’t even need to hire a professional to do the job; you can easily do it yourself.


Here is how you can detect roof damage before it’s too late.

Look For Gaps


Rove your roof like a predator scouring the jungle looking for prey to find gaps or tiny holes in it. Sometimes the crevices can be too small for you to notice right away; therefore, you must closely examine your roof to find those hidden gaps. One thing you can do to make the job easier for yourself is using your hands to touch the ceiling. Doing so will allow you to feel air passing through a gap, automatically revealing the gaps.

Check For Leaks


Sometimes leaks can remain tucked away behind the ceiling until they cause significant damage. And because people don’t see water damage, they assume their roof is fine when in reality, it is not. You must not make that mistake and peruse your roofing, especially after rain.


If you have already caught some gaps in the shed over your house, then the chances are you’ll have come across leaks sooner or later.


Why? Because leaks develop when there are cracks or gaps in the roof where water gets trapped and eventually starts dripping. You might not see the water pours from the start. In the beginning, it can just stay in the holes in your ceiling and show as wet blotches on the concrete. Don’t ignore those and contact professional roofers immediately.

See If Any Shingles Are Missing


Typically, after a storm or heavy rainfall, shingles over a roof fly off, leaving empty spaces. But you might now notice those from inside the house because of the underlay. Therefore, you should get up on your roof and see if shingles are missing. If you find that that’s the case, hire a reputable roofing company to fix the damage.


Although bad weather is mostly responsible for missing shingles, sometimes they can fall off on their own. So, don’t wait for the weather to check your roof and do it regularly.


Having a robust roof over your house is essential for your safety. Be sure you take out the time to inspect your roofing periodically to avoid significant damage to it. And if you do end up with a badly battered roof, contact an expert roofing company to help you.

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