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How to Remove and Prevent Mold From Your Roof – Layton, Utah

You might find mold on the surface of your roof shingles; not only does this look unappealing, but it also indicates a bigger problem. Mold on the roof is usually caused from the inside, such as your attic, and points towards roof leaks. This means your roof structural integrity is at stake, and you also have an ugly-looking roof with blue-green mold spots.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove mold from your roof and why you need Layton’s roofing experts for the job.

Mold Removal

How to remove mold from your roof? There are many products available in the market, but cleaning a roof is dangerous. Roofing experts are recommended for this purpose, as you can end up harming yourself. But if you are looking for a DIY solution, read on ahead.

Bleach Solution

The best DIY method is to make a bleach solution and apply it on your roof using a sprayer. For this solution, you will need; 1/4th part chlorine bleach, 3/4th part water, 1tbsp of trisodium phosphate, mix it all together and pour the solution in a sprayer. Take caution and wear rubber gloves during the whole process.

Spray the solution all over the roof shingles, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse it away using a garden hose. Make sure not to increase the pressure too much as there’s a risk of spraying yourself with the bleach solution.

Pressure Wash

Another DIY method to remove mold from your roof is to use a pressure washer. It is effective in removing mold, but it can damage the roof and break and crack the shingles. So be careful and hire Layton’s roofing experts instead.

Mold Prevention

How to prevent mold from your roof? As mentioned above, mold on the roof could be a sign of roof leaks or mold in the attic. To prevent mold from accumulating on your roof and home and affecting your health, it’s best to take the following preventive measures.

Clean Gutters

Winter and monsoon can badly affect your roof’s condition. Winters and heavy rain can clog up the gutters and restrict the water flow, resulting in standing water, which leads to leaks and algae growth on the roof. Thus, it’s important to routinely check your roof, get repairs done from Layton’s roofing experts, and clean the gutters to prevent mold buildup.

Trim Trees

It’s best to trim trees and any hanging branches close to your roof. Why? Because trees can transfer bacteria to your roof, which results in the growth of mold, algae, or moss. Besides mold, trimming trees is also recommended, as, in the case of a thunderstorm, nearby branches can damage your roof shingles.

Why You Need Roofing Professionals

The reason why we recommend contacting Layton’s roofing experts for removing mold from your roof is that they have years of hands-on experience and can deal with it easily. In contrast, if you do it yourself, you can end up injuring yourself, and not to forget, using bleaching solutions and coming into contact with mold is a health hazard as well. Thus, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals and have them inspect your roof for any underlying problems that caused mold.  

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