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How to Remove Algae from Your Roof in Utah

You know you want to hire roofing services in Utah when notice dark stains and streaks on your roof because of a tiny microscopic organism named Gloeocapsa magma.  This little organism lives in environments that contain a lot of moisture and warmth such as rooftops in Utah.  Most people refer to this organism as algae, and it can ruin the appearance of your home. Moreover, if you do not do something to remove the algae from your roof, this microscopic organism can slowly and gradually consume the strength and structural integrity of your rooftop. There are many ways in which you can get rid of the unsightly algae from your roof.

1. Remove Dark Stains| Roofing Services in Utah

First of all, you have to choose a solution for cleaning your roof. You can go for a bleach solution to rid your roof of algae or some other solution that you have in mind.   Once you have decided which roof cleaning solution you want to use, the next thing you need to do is hire roofing services in Utah to apply the liquid on the rooftop for you.  When you are doing this, you must avoid the use of a pressure washer. A roofing contractor would already know this but if you happen to like doing things yourself, you must keep a few things in mind. When you use a pressure washer, you can permanently damage your roof, so it is better if you go for a pump garden sprayer.

It will be wise if you also remember the following things:

  •  Stand on dry areas
  • Make columns less than four feet across
  • Start near the top
  • Do not let the cleaner dry
  • Leave solution on for 15-20 minutes
  • Repeat once if necessary
  • Rinse with water

2. Preventative Measures| Roofing Services in Utah

You can choose to install copper strip or zinc at your rooftop to skip the need to clean it regularly.  Copper and zinc can remove algae as they are effective in repelling it.  Another added advantage of installing zinc is that it adds shine to the roof.

Both types of chemical strips stop the growth of algae on your roof. When installing them, one thing you should ensure is that you do not leave any nails exposed, or you will have leaks. Another important thing to do is to you protect your roof against wind damage by making sure the sealant of the roof shingles is not broken.  


3. Other Ways to Prevent Algae Growth| Roofing Services in Utah

Algae can really be damaging for your rooftop. It gets an opportunity to grow as a result of moisture in the air, and it can be a great menace.  To prevent algae from growing, you must try to expose your roof to the rays of the sun.  You must ensure that you clean your gutters and remove any kinds of debris from the roof.

To get rid of algae, you can hire roofing services in Utah for the maintenance of your roof.

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