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Do You Need Roof Ventilation in Layton, Utah?

Most attics and roofs are vented, as you are undoubtedly aware. Perhaps you also know about the ridge vent on your roof. However, you may be unaware that some houses lack adequate ventilation or may not have pretty much any ventilation at all. You may be wondering whether roof ventilation systems are really required. Roof ventilation in Layton, Utah, keeps your house cool in summer and warm in the winter, extending the life of your roof and reducing the chance of damage.

By allowing dry and cold air to enter while expelling warm, wet air, well-designed roof vents also help to remove humidity in the attic and crawl areas. The local roofing contractors understand that, like you, your house needs to breathe in order to remain healthy. Allowing your house to breathe can help avoid moisture in your loft and crawl areas, as well as hazardous mold development.

Extend Your Roof’s Service Life

Have you ever noticed ice crystals forming on the roof’s and gutter’s edges? Ice damming is the term for this kind of ice accumulation. The icicles are visible, but you can’t see the harm they’re causing to your roof’s edge. When heat from within your attic mixes with the sun’s heat to dissolve the snow and ice on the heated roof, ice damming occurs. When the water from the leak reaches the edges of the roof, it starts to freeze. As ice and moisture build-up at the roof’s edges, it may back up behind/under the roofing components, causing serious damage to your entire roof system, attic, and even within your home’s walls.

Warm air escapes via proper ventilation before it has an opportunity to melt the ice and snow on your roof. In the winter, a well-ventilated roof may be easily seen. The roof will still be covered in snow, but there will be no icicles to be seen.

When it’s hot outdoors, a roof will benefit from ventilation as well. When the temperature outside rises, the roof’s temperature may almost double. You’ll have an extremely hot attic if you have a scorching roof above a poorly ventilated attic.

This is caused by the heat that builds up in unventilated or inadequately ventilated attics that has nowhere to go. This heat accumulation may cause your shingles to deteriorate from within. The hot air will leave via a properly ventilated roof, keeping the attic and roof cooler.

Reduces Energy Costs

When the weather outdoors rises, everyone wants to hide and remain cool indoors. A properly ventilated roof enables heat to escape, decreasing the amount of work your air conditioner has to do. You’ll save money on your energy bill if your air conditioner isn’t operating as much.

Reduces Extreme Indoor Temperature

Have you ever gone upstairs and noticed it was warmer than your living room? Poorly ventilated roofs are often the cause of these interior temperature fluctuations. Your house will be more pleasant all year if your roof is properly ventilated to enable hot air to leave and cold air to enter the attic area.

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Roof ventilation in Layton, Utah, should be managed by experts like Layton Roofing. They have an expert team that can assist you with roof ventilation installation, upkeep, and repairs.

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