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4 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Well-functioning roofs are a major part of the house and are especially important to stay warm in winter. If there is a leak during summers, it is still bearable, but in winters, it is that peephole that can freeze you in the middle of the night.

With winter right around the corner, you must be ready to get those cozy evenings in the house, but is your roof prepared to provide you with those warm evenings by keeping the roof intact on your head?

The chances of malfunctioning or leakage in the roof are plenty. With monsoon season, which just ended, there is a probability that it left the roof surface vulnerable or might have made its way through a crack that can grow into a hole. So, what to do? Well, the most practical approach is to hire a roofing company and let it handle the roof inspection. Since prevention is better than cure before the season starts, an inspection can save people from future troubles, which might be more costly than the inspection. Other than this, several other additional roof maintenance tips and tricks can ensure the roof stays put throughout the winter season.

Roof Maintenance Tips in Winter

Clear Out the Gutters

The rainwater sometimes stays trapped in the gutters around the roof due to some blockage. Climbing up a ladder and cleaning them out on a Sunday sounds fun. Moreover, after pre-cleaning, during winters, one must also clear out the gutters after heavy snow. If it feels too cold to do it yourself, then hiring the roofing company is also an option; however, the cleaning must be done so that the gutters do not come off or, worse, start to leak from the cracks and burden of the snow.

Get An Ice Shield

An ice shield or a snow protector stops the snow from accumulating on the top of the roof surface while acting as a wall between the actual roof and the snow. This is designed to be placed on the exterior of the roof. Although it is expensive, this is a one-time investment, and these roofs are totally reusable. Hiring a roofing company to check which material is the right option for your roof would be the smart way instead of buying and incorrectly installing on your own.

Attic Ventilation Check

After getting the exterior check, it is time to check up on the interior. The attic ventilation system can prevent the effect of snow inside the house. If it is installed, the house will retain heat and warmth. When performing necessary checks, be sure to check if the attic is thoroughly insulated so that issues like ice dams do not occur.

Clear Out the Extra Weight on The Roof

If there is an additional burden on the roof, it must be cleared out, such as old Christmas décor or lights. Whenever it snows, this would only add to the burden that the roof would bear, and in snowstorms there is a chance that the roof would fall off.

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