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Warning Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

Water leakage is a common household problem that every homeowner faces at some point in time. Sometimes, it’s easy to detect that your roof is leaking, while at other times, it’s difficult to spot exactly where your roof could be causing the leakage.

In this article, we present some surefire signs that can tell you that you have a leak in your roof.

1.    Water Stains

If your ceiling has brown rings that may look like a large puddle, it may mean your roof is leaking. That said, sometimes, water stains are difficult to spot, especially in the dark and other times, leaks leave strange-looking mold instead of moisture. If you spot any type of discoloration (no matter how light) on your ceiling, look closely for mold or moisture. You will be able to tell if your roof is leaking or not.

2.    Cracked Shingles

Another common sign of water leakage is distorted shingles. Excessive water leakage has the potential to disrupt the shingles, causing them to twist or warp. If you are not sure whether your roof is leaking, you can always confirm it by checking the condition of your shingles. In case they are damaged, it means your roof is suffering from water leakage.

3.     Deteriorated Insulation

The base of your roof is covered with insulation that can help you in finding whether or not the roof is leaking.

Note that insulation deteriorates faster than wood, so if you have a wooden roof, your insulation will display more damage. When inspecting for leaks, you will see one portion of the insulation wetter than the rest. It’s best to remove the insulation that is getting affected by the leak. When dealing with the insulation, make sure to wear protective gear beforehand.

DIY Method of Finding Leaks from Your Roof

In dry weather conditions, you may not be able to detect whether or not your roof is damaged. If the rainy or stormy season is just around the corner, you may be desperate to know if you have a leaky roof.

In such a case, you should go up on the roof and spray it with a garden hose. Now, go back to the attic and carefully check the roof for the common signs of a roof leak.

Take Action

If you spot your roof is leaking, you should immediately call for professional help. If you live in or near Davis County, Utah, your best option will be Layton Roofers. They feature the best roofing contractors that can inspect and repair your roof for possible leakage issues in no time!

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