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Winterizing Your Roof – The Ultimate Checklist

You must be wondering, isn’t it too early to prepare for winter?

Indeed we still have a few more weeks of summer left, but this is the right time to prepare your roof for winter because the sooner you do it, the better it is for your roof.

Here is a checklist for winterizing your roof, so you know that you and your home will be safe even if the weather changes suddenly.

#1. Inspect the Roof

Let’s not forget the importance of roof inspection when it comes to winterizing your home. In fact, the process starts with a roof inspection. So it’s best to take a closer look at your roof and identify any signs of damage and leaks. Moreover, check for missing shingles and any other weather damage that has affected your roof’s condition.

While you can inspect your roof DIY, it is always a good idea to go for a professional inspection. Trained and professional roofers have a keen eye for details as they are trained to identify problems that homeowners may miss out on.  

#2. Take a Look at the Pipes

Another critical aspect of winterizing your roof is to inspect the pipes. After a blazing summer, some of the pipes may crack or get damaged due to heat. By taking a closer look at the pipes, you can be sure whether your pipes are in good shape or do they need replacement. In case you plan to replace the pipe, go for a professional who can correctly install the pipes.  

#3. Check Tree Limbs

One of the critical factors affecting your roof is the tree limbs that land on your roof. Since they may get under the snow during winters, it is best to check tree limbs and avoid a possible threat to your roof.

#4. Clean the Gutters

It is common for algae to grow on your roof, especially under downspouts. If you have any downspouts, make sure you check and clean them before the coming winter. You can also work with professionals to be sure that your gutters are clean and functional.  

#5. Get Repairs

If you have identified any signs of damage on your roof or your roof inspection suggests that your roof needs repair, it’s the right time to get repairs. Repair all missing or lose shingles and any leaks that you have identified during the inspection, and be sure that you and your property will stay safe during the coming winter season.

If you are planning to winterize your roof and need a roof inspection or roof repairs before the coming winter, go for trusted roofing professionals at Layton Roofers. We have a dedicated and experienced team that understands the importance of a functional roof. They are equipped with the right tools for professional inspection and repairs and offer services that you can trust. Connect today to request a free estimate or to find out more about us.  

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