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The Best Roofing Materials for Your Home

Depending on your design/style preference and availability of budget, you are sure to find the roofing material of your choice. When you’re considering choices among the roofing materials, the options are endless. Before finalizing the material, consider the following factors: the climate of your region, visual appearance, cost of material, and longevity, among others.

List of Optimal Roofing Choices

The roofing materials that are most commonly used for roof construction are explained below.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are made by molding the earthen clay into interlacing shapes and then firing it in kilns for hardness. Nowadays, these tiles are made in machines and have a lot of colors and design options. They work well in hot regions and are a popular roofing choice among house-owners in Arizona.

Clay tile roofing is an expensive project, as its price ranges from $10 to $30 per sq foot. With the ability to resist fire, wind, and shock impact, a clay roof can last more than 100 years.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

Built-up roofing, or BUR, is a dependable and most commonly chosen option for low-pitched roofs for a very long time. A trusted choice of many, a BUR system has hot asphalt infused with multiple layers of roofing felt. At first, a thick barrier is formed by overlapping two to four layers of felt. Next, crushed stone and hot tar are mixed together and spread on top to create a permanent and impenetrable roof.

Typically, the installation costs of a BUR range from $2.50 to $5 per sq. foot, with the longevity lasting 20 to 30 years.


To achieve a precise and modern look, you should opt for metal roofing. With this, you have the option to install only the metal shingles or have complete metal roofing done. With metal, your roof’s strength greatly depends upon your choice of metal.

The popular metal choices for this roofing type are: galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, and stainless steel. One of the cons of having a metal roof is that they rattle loudly during rain, wind- and hail- storms. The hail storms and other strong weather events can cause dents in the roof or damage it by breaking the shingles. A roof made of a strong metal can last you for 50 years and more.


Slate is a premium quality roofing material that is mined in Italy and cut into square tiles for use. It is available today. Slate tiles are durable, fire-resistant, and sustainable. They are also very expensive, heavy, and require professional installation. Slate material is available in shades of green, grey, black, red, and purple.

Prices start from $600 a square, which is justified as this material can usually last for more than 50 years, and in some cases, for 100 years or more.


Whether you’re considering material options for your new roof or in the process of replacing your old roof with a new one, always consider the material’s ability to resist wind, fire, and other weather elements along with its aesthetic and ability to withstand the effects of time. Consult professionals from a reliable roofing company to get help to determine the most appropriate roofing material for your property.


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