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There’s a Reason Why 4 out of 5 American Homes Use Shingle Roofing

From Salt Lake City to Layton, Davis County to Logan, all across Utah, customers are installing shingle roofing solutions in their homes. But what makes these materials so popular?

Good Roofs are Expensive

For good reason, roofs are often your home’s first line of defense against external hazards like wind, rain, snow, heat and fire. So, when you choose roofing system you want to make sure it offers security, safety and durability; and the best way to do that on a budget is with shingle roofs.

These rectangular panels are manufactured in large batches, specifically for the roofing industry; so they’re easy to handle and a breeze to install. In turn, we pass those savings onto our customers, providing them with a strong, reliable roof at a fraction of the expense, of wood or metal.

Different Homes Have Different Needs

So the unmatched versatility of shingle roofing comes in, extremely handy. These materials are available in a dazzling array of finishes, shapes, colors and styles providing customers with endless options for customization.

You Need a Roofing Solution That Will Last

Whether you’re in Salt Lake City or Davis County, you can rely on a diversity of weather conditions across the year; that means a lot of wear and tear on your roof.

The last thing you want is for your costly investment to start springing leaks a couple of years in. That’s why shingle roofs have been factor engineered to provide excellent resistance against high winds and extreme temperatures.

That means you get a long-term roofing solution that can last you well past 30 years.

If you’re looking For a Perfect Roofing Solution That Balances Cost, Efficiency and Longevity,  then Contact Layton Roofers, the Leading Shingle Roofing Providers in Layton, Utah.

Layton Roofers offer the best roofing services in Layton, Salt Lake City, Davis County and Logan, Utah; we offer a versatile array of shingle roofs to suit the needs of any home.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are extremely popular, and offer possibly the most affordable roofing solution available.

Asphalt shingles are available in both fiberglass, and organic styles.

Fiberglass asphalt shingles are factory engineered to be lightweight, waterproof and UV ray resistant; and they tend to offer better durability against fire hazards.

Organic asphalt shingles are made to be thicker, and heavier with almost 40% more asphalt used in their construction. They are generally considered to offer higher levels of flexibility than their fiberglass counterparts.

Slate Roofing

Slate shingles provide best-in-class water and weather resistance, which is especially pronounced in winter conditions.

These classic roofing materials come in a range of original colors including green, black, grey and red.

While slate shingles may be heavier, and more expensive than their asphalt counterparts they bring a truly unique look to your home exterior.

On average slate shingles will last for 80-100 years, although they do require consistent upkeep to maintain their appearance.

Tile Roofing

For a classic Mediterranean architectural style, there’s no better choice than tile shingles.

While these ceramic roofing solutions are expensive to purchase and install, they offer unmatched beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Alongside that visual splendor, tile shingles also provide long service; lasting an average of 80 years with regular maintenance.

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